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Schedules allow you to specify dates and recurrence patterns for changing the settings of your lighting controls zones, or locations. 

Normal and after hours occupancy features will still apply if they are enabled. This means you can layer controls strategies in your space. For example, you can configure after hours occupancy for evening hours, and use the scheduling feature to turn the lights on each morning before cleaning staff arrives in the early morning hours.

Administrative users can create or edit custom schedules for individual days or in larger recurring frequencies, like weekly instances.

Installer-level users can view schedules created, and request these to have them created by Amatis representatives.

You will start with a blank schedule by default.

To create schedules, administrative users will:

  • Select schedule from the bottom-left main navigation
  • Select a scene to execute. Selecting a scene specifies which action will occur at the set time
  • Select the time and recurrence for your schedule. There is no limit to the date range, and recurring events can be scheduled with no limit.
  • Create a name specific to the schedule you’re making.
  • Select the update button.

A sync should be performed if you intend to update your location immediately.

Single-event schedules can be overridden by:

  • An occupant pressing a physical switch
  • The Amatis App, using slider control or switch control
  • A sensor in a space triggered by occupancy

Use another strategy, like a recurring schedule or After Hours Occupancy, may make more sense if you expect interruption.