Why Hands-Free Controls?

As facility teams create back-to-work plans, we can help you with your solution. Promote safe social distancing with Hands-Free Controls. Once Amatis Controls are installed in your building or customer project, you have the ability to control your lights from your phone, limiting exposure with surfaces including physical light switches. We’ll work with you on your controls plan and custom signage to help occupants have a safe experience in your building. 

Avoid touching physical switches

When installed and configured to promote a touchless environment, the Amatis app can be used for switch control, eliminating the need for touching physical switches. This can be used to turn lights on, off, and dim as desired. 

Leverage hands-free plug control

Ceiling fans, power to an outlet in a room, AC units, shades and appliances can also be turned on and off with the Amatis app, eliminating the need for touching physical objects.

Know room occupancy before entering

Using the Amatis app, building occupants can review the occupied status of a room before going inside, to support social distancing. 

Enable your building automation to go touchless

Via Bacnet, Amatis Controls can integrate with HVAC, lighting, doors, blinds/shades, and plug loads, expanding your safety measures to maximum capacity. Touchless sensors can trigger doors to open or AC/heat to turn off, minimizing the risk of exposure. 

Customize and maintain your building remotely

Using the Amatis app, you can make changes to your lights and controls remotely. This can be done from anywhere, further enabling social distancing. Performing maintenance and troubleshooting can also be done remotely so that you can make smart decisions about whether or not to schedule in-person labor. 

Get started with Amatis

We’d like to help you use Amatis lighting controls in your bids and buildings with a free quote, proposal and design. This helps you get familiar with our devices, how to place them, and showcase the advantages of hands-free controls with flexible configuration. With financing options and utility rebates, controls have the potential to pay for themselves, depending on your region.