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Why lighting controls?

There are roughly 6 million commercial buildings covering 87+ billion square feet of floor space in the United States. With the rise of electricity prices nationwide, stricter government regulations for reducing energy usage, and the expensive nature of traditional wired solutions, wireless lighting controls have become a popular solution to solve these issues.

Lighting controls are a great way to substantially reduce the fixed costs associated with operating a building’s lighting. LED fixtures plus controls can save more than 90 percent of the energy and electricity cost over non-controlled, fluorescent lighting and have a return on investment as fast 2 years. Controls also optimize the lighting in your space for the best tenant experience. The best controls are those you never notice. Lighting control systems achieve this with a combination of sensors, controllers and switches. Together, these devices allow you to customize the level and quality of light in your space. 

At Amatis, we make it simple to design, quote, install and commission, empowering contractors with full access to the process, with our support team coaching along the way.

The Amatis 6LoWireless system

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