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Digital lighting controls really can be simple and reliable, and seeing is believing. We’re offering a free commissioning training session and controls demonstration kit to install however you choose — in your office, conference room or warehouse.

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The Amatis System

We’re on a mission to show how simple lighting controls can be.

We make it simple to design, quote, install and commission, giving contractors full control of the process and the programming, with our support team coaching along the way. With a wireless mesh network, you can eliminate complexity, outsourcing, troubleshooting and range limitation, compared to wired or wireless hub-and-spoke networks. Lights are wirelessly connected and secure, able to make decisions based on the experiences and inputs from any other light in the system. We’re making our controls app as user friendly as your favorite websites, giving you direct access to individual light fixtures and sensors, from your desktop, phone or tablet.

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Stuart Ogle, Technical Sales Manager

Stuart Ogle
Technical Sales Manager

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