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To get this far in your system setup, make sure you can confirm the following before moving forward:

1. You’ve completed the installation of your system at your site, which means that you’ve installed your various fixtures, advanced load controllers or smart drivers and sensors. You’ve confirmed your network has power and the lights should be on.

2. Your Amatis Border Router is plugged in, accessible through your buildings’ Internet firewalls and recognized in the Amatis app and dashboard. Your site network has been secured by an Amatis representative, meaning all devices have been moved to a site-specific communication channel.

3. A good installation will finish with a reflected ceiling plan showing the MAC address and corresponding location of each connected device. This will help you breeze through commissioning even in the largest of installations. Make sure you have your floor plan available to reference.

If you need support at any time throughout the commissioning process or setting up your Amatis Controls system in general, contact your local Amatis support representative.