Dimmer trim

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Use the dimmer trim feature for task tuning by setting your high- and low-end trim. The high end trim feature helps you define what the highest light level allowed in the space is. So 100% high end trim, would output 100% light capability of the fixture. Adjust to a lower percentage to set that as the new highest level.

The low-end trim defines the lowest light level to a percentage other than zero. Setting the low-end trim assures that your lights don’t turn off when they’re dimmed to their lowest setting. A good example would be a fixture that has a 10% minimum dim capability. You would set the low-end trim to 10% to avoid having the lights turn off when someone dims the lights using a physical switch.

The default trims are set to 100% for high-end trim, and 0% for low-end trim.

Click the bottom-right green checkbox to save changes, and perform a sync when ready so the features take effect on your site’s devices.