First power up

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After the devices are powered for the first time, you will notice the LED button on the ALC and Smart Driver illuminate blue when communicating to a nearby AMBR, and has a flashing blue when powered but not communicating with an AMBR.

Once your AMBR is powered up and connected to the network, it will go through a sequence that may takes one or two minutes before the AMBR connects to the Amatis cloud. You should notice that the center LED blue light should be flickering on. When solid blue, it’s connected to the internet. When flashing blue, it’s connected to the Internet and the Amatis cloud through a secure VPN connection. If your AMBR does not reach this state, it’s likely your building firewalls are preventing the VPN connection from getting out, in which case, speak to the building owner or facility IT team to open up these ports (screenshot from the user manual to show the ports).

The LED green lights will also appear on the sensors.