Installing Border Routers

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The Amatis Border Router, or AMBR for short, functions much like your wifi router at your house. It is used to access the wireless mesh from the internet. To power up your AMBR for the first time, plug the provided 24V power supply into a nearby wall outlet, and the CAT5 cable into your building’s internet connection.

The AMBR uses a secure, VPN connection to our Amatis cloud which it can establish automatically, but which also requires a path to the internet. Many buildings have firewalls in place which can prevent the AMBR from accessing the internet. Make sure you communicate with your building owner’s IT staff to ensure that the following ports have been open for the AMBR.

Your AMBR will take about 2 minutes after being powered up and connected to the internet before it will establish a secure connection to the cloud. In this time, it will go through a series of flashing LEDs.