Amatis team predictions for 2020

Amatis team predictions for 2020

The Amatis sales team breaks down the major benefits of adding lighting controls to customer projects

Our first prediction is already coming true — our dorky marketing director (Alison) finally got to write a Predictions Blog Post and get everyone to collaborate on it #winning.

On to the real stuff. We’ve had an incredible year of learning and growth at Amatis Controls. We’ve validated and solidfied our system in a way that has us looking into the future toward new features and concepts. We’ve cultivated relationships with core partners on the commercial side and are excited to expand our network in 2020.

Here’s a look at our team predictions for 2020:

Nick Theoret predicts:

Incentives from utilities on LEDs and controls will never be as great again. In 2021, we’ll have lower rebates, therefore 2020 is the year to get your LEDs replaced.

Christian Gouin-Davis predicts:

There will be a transition toward additional cloud services in the lighting controls industry as a whole for things like remote management of buildings, data acquisition/reporting and remove service.

Eva Gouin-Davis predicts:

Inventory automation will reduce human error and improve customer experience. 

Wendle Whiting predicts:

Edge-lit LED panels for lighting will give way to back-lit panel technology that addresses longevity, cost and weight issues with edge-lit panels. OLED will continue to make inroads to the efficient lighting market, improving the aesthetic products that still plague the LED space.

Miles Hill predicts:

This year we’ve seen amazing alignment around what we’re doing and why. Miles expects Amatis to take that alignment and use it to multiply the impact we can have. Amatis is going to “put a bow on it.”

Rana Mohamed predicts:

AI will take over grocery stores. Fully functioning autonomous cars will hit the market. The 70s are coming back in fashion. Banana milk will surpass almond milk. 

Alison Accavitti predicts:

Values will matter more this year when it comes to how people buy things. We’ve been burned by data breaches and social media privacy issues and deceptive advertising. As a result, people will seek value alignment before making decisions. Companies that have a social mission or an environmental mission will stand out.

Jon Baiardo predicts:

The 5G networks will expand allowing access to so much more data at much faster speeds. This will allow IoT devices and their interactions seem instantaneous.

Blake Butterworth predicts:

More high profile deep fake videos will surface. Podcast and audiobooks will keep climbing. Emo bands will make a comeback.

Stuart Ogle, Technical Sales Manager

Stuart Ogle predicts:

Building data will be a cornerstone requirement for building owners as they update their spaces, allowing them to understand and respond better to the needs of their tenants and energy saving goals. 

Cedric Kennedy predicts:

Cedric predicts that in 2020 the Cybertruck preorders will overtake the F-150 in sales and more importantly Amatis Controls will continue to exceed all their ambitious goals.