Amatis system meets DesignLights Consortium qualifications

Amatis qualifies system with DesignLights Consortium

Wireless controls system joins the DLC qualifying products list

Getting our lighting controls qualified by the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) is a major milestone for the Amatis Controls team. 

“As an underdog in the industry, credibility is one of the hardest things for us to establish,” said Amatis CEO Sebastien Gouin-Davis. “Having DLC qualification is a shortcut to that and makes it easy to point to the fact that on paper our systems are capable of the same things that other credible brands are,” said Amatis CEO Sebastien Gouin-Davis. “Getting DLC qualified adds credibility to our system and new cost-saving opportunities for our partners.”

The Networked Lighting Controls Qualified Products List (QPL) is a list of less than 30 unique brands of networked lighting controls systems that meet annually-updated performance and efficiency specifications. The list is designed to facilitate the widespread adoption of the technology by equipping utilities to optimize energy savings and integrate controls systems into their incentive programs. The QPL is also a tool for architects, specifiers, engineers and contractors to evaluate and compare control systems for their projects and programs. 

The Amatis systems meetings the following QPL criteria: 

  • Commercial, interior applications (not exterior)
  • Networked controls system
  • Occupancy sensing
  • Daylight harvesting/photocell
  • High-end trim
  • Scheduling
  • Personal control
  • Demand response
  • Plug load control
  • Zoning
  • Individual luminaire addressability
  • Continuous dimming
  • Control persistence
  • Energy monitor
  • External systems integration
  • Remote diagnostics

Incentive eligibility

QPL-listed systems pre-qualify for incentives and rebates from utilities across North America and gain access to the multi-billion dollar energy efficiency program market.

“DLC certification is THE internationally recognized validation that a lighting control system has been thoroughly vetted by industry experts and will perform the functions advertised,” said Technical Sales Manager Stuart Ogle. “We have been impressing our existing customers for years with our simple, powerful controls, and we expect this certification to give confidence to our newest customers that our system will meet the highest bar set. Now that our system has been approved by the Design Lights Consortium, utility companies will have the confidence that our system will provide the greatest energy savings opportunities for their customers, which translates to the most generous rebates in commercial lighting controls. Getting this certification was a major milestone for us, and a win for our customers and partners alike.”

Download the QPL