The Amatis app allows you to easily interact with newly controlled devices, create virtual zones, and guides through the commissioning process. We’ve made our app as user-friendly as your favorite websites, allowing you to easily interact with your newly installed Amatis devices. The free Amatis app is available for both Apple and Android devices, and can also be accessed through your web browser at

Commissioning the mesh network can begin after installing your devices and logging into the app, in three basic steps. Step 1 is to create a location. Step 2 is to add devices to that location. And Step 3 is to configure that location for functions like occupancy detection and daylight harvesting. This simple process can be used again and again as you add more locations to your site which can always be modified later.

After commissioning is complete and the system is operational, building owners can monitor their energy savings and system data through the Amatis Dashboard. Monitor occupancy rates, light levels, and temperature fluctuations. If baseline data is provided prior to adding lighting controls you can compare compares in total energy, dollars, C02, and percent savings.

The Amatis App

  • Available for both Apple and Android devices or via your web browswer at
  • Program devices for individual lights and lighting groupings
  • Enables remote configuration and troubleshooting from anywhere
  • Empowers professional end users (contractors) with access to the commissioning process
  • Pre-defined or default settings for various room types available
  • Add or remove devices from control zones
  • Enables manual control
  • Customize lighting control strategies: daylight harvesting, high- and low-end trims, occupancy/vacancy, and scheduling
  • Tech mode (expert) users can customize scenes and more advanced device configuration
  • Administrative users can create or edit custom schedules; basic-level users can view schedules and request creation

The Amatis Dashboard

  • Access through your web browser on your phone, tablet or desktop at
  • Monitor energy savings, occupancy rates, light levels, and temperature fluctuations
  • If baseline data is provided prior to adding controls, you can compare changes in total energy, dollars, C02 and percent savings
  • Real-time schematics show occupant activity in a reflected ceiling plan format with device placement
Amatis AppAmatis Dashboard
TechnologyProgressive web app written in ReactWeb app written in PHP
Mobile appThe free app is available for both Apple and Android devicesN/A
SecurityAES 128-bit encryption
Connections requiredRequires cellular or Internet connection to communicate to your site's mesh network via the Amatis Border Router (AMBR)
Alert mechanismsOffline devices are escalated in the Amatis app in the "Errors" section. User experience software also monitors for app connectivity issues and dispatches email communication to users when needed.Offline devices are escalated in the Amatis Dashboard in the "Errors" section. Software is used to monitor dashboard connectivity issues.
Software / firmware updatesMonthly via web server updates and app store releasesAnnual via web server updates
APIThe Amatis API is cloud-hosted, RESTful node .js written with express framework, and interfaces with all devices via operational commands. Endpoint availability is dependent on user type, and site and device availability are dependent on user's permission.
- Requires user authentication; 2-factor authentication available
- Available to customers and developers upon request
After my lighting controls are installed, how do I commission my site?

The Amatis Quick Start Guide is a great resource for projects after the design and quote process. Check out steps 9 and 10 specifically for commissioning-related topics.

Visit the Apple or Android app stores and search for “Amatis” to find and download the free app on your phone or tablet.

Or, access the app on your desktop at

Important: Check with your Amatis representative to confirm your site’s Amatis Border Router(s) (AMBR) has been secured before going any further. If this has not happened yet, your representative can schedule this for you.

To create an account, provide your email address, create and confirm an 8-digit password and add the six-digit Device ID number located on your AMBR Border Router.

The Amatis App requires cellular or Internet connection to communicate with your site’s mesh network via the Amatis Border Router (AMBR).

Step 1 is to add a location.

Choose a descriptive name for locations that can be easily understood by the next person who uses the app. Once you’ve named your room, you can also select from a list of room types that help pre-configure your location based on the most common features in each type of room. Or you can choose to stay on “Default” which does not use any predefined features.

Step 2 is to add devices to your location.

Select “Click to add devices” to get started. The Devices drawer will display on the screen. In the top list, you can see what devices were added to your AMBR network during the AMBR configuration process. Start by referencing your floor plan to determine which devices should be added to your location, then select them from the list. Check the green checkmark to save the devices to your location.

Tip: You can search for devices fast by typing in the last four digits of their MAC addresses, found on the sticker provided with each device.

Step 3 is to configure your location settings.

This drawer slides up when you’re ready to add settings to your location.

  • Enable “Normal Hours Occupancy” to have motion detection capability by clicking the checkbox in the location features tab.
  • Enable “After Hours Occupancy” to allow a single space to have two different modes. Normal hours occupancy is likely the preference during normal work hours, and after hours occupancy is a way to save even more energy because you don’t expect people to be congregating in a space but could expect occasional, short occupancy.
  • Enable “Slider Control” to have direct control of the lighting by clicking the slider control toggle in the location features tab.
  • Enable “Switch Control” to control your space by clicking the switch control checkbox in the location features tab.
  • Enable “Daylight Harvest” by clicking the checkbox in the location features tab. Use the slider control to adjust the light level that is appropriate for that time of day. Verify what light level is seen by the sensor, then click set. Adjust the upper and lower bound ranges to what daylight harvest will achieve.

Consult your Amatis representative at any point if you need support.

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