Amatis OEM Partners

We enable our partners to connect their products and create new value for their customers by leveraging the key technologies developed and perfected in Amatis devices. At Amatis we have the Experience in Context you are looking for in a partner in the IoT .

Connecting Products is Complicated

  • Companies spend millions of dollars trying to build up competency themselves, and still fail
  • IoT covers minimum three entirely separate domains of competence, and attracting the right people is hard

We’ve done this before

  • We designed our own IoT products
  • We built the world’s most advanced, most secure IPv6 BIoT network
  • We built our own cloud and device management on top of industry standards
  • We know what it is like to manage tens of thousands of sites, filled with thousands of devices
  • We have experience connecting products for billion dollar multinationals

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License + Integrate

We can act as integrator for one or all of the key

IoT domains as part of your digital transformation


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Web and UI

  • Web Security
  • Device Management
  • Data Management & Visualization
  • User Experience


Network Layer

  • Network Security
  • Stability
  • Routing
  • Commissioning


Connected Devices

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Antenna Diversity and Tuning
  • FCC
  • Safety
  • Device Security