Amatis OEM Partners

Amatis 6LoWireless™ technology can be embedded directly into existing products such as power supplies, light fixtures, HVAC components, and energy system components, improving and differentiating products from the rest of the market. With Amatis Embedded IoT Solutions detailed energy metering and internet-connected controls are fully integrated turning existing products into smart products.

As an OEM partner, manufacturers and designers can:

  • Embed Amatis 6LoWireless™ technology directly into existing products;
  • Enable advanced controls and data analytics with our customizable apps;
  • Analyze and export detailed performance metrics with our web-based dashboards; and
  • Increase your product value and marketability with IPv6 connectivity.

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Amatis Innovation Partners

Our talented team of designers and engineers are always exploring new ways to bring our 6LoWireless™ technology to even more products. Amatis offers simple and powerful solutions for embedding IoT-based data analytics and controls into a wide range of products. If your company has an innovative product that would benefit from our technology platform we would enjoy hearing from you. 

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