The ALC includes a relay to switch drivers and circuits on and off, as well as a 0-10V output able to control dimming of one or more drivers. The ALC is able to measure the amount of power passing through the controlled fixture or zone and then uses this information to track energy consumption and detect failed drivers or lamps.

The ALC is connected to the wireless mesh network via the AMBR and the Amatis 6LoWireless protocol. Every ALC includes an RJ12 port designed to connect with the Sensor 2 MLTH. When connected, this sensor can detect occupancy and vacancy (motion), available daylight, temperature and humidity levels within the sensing areas.

    • Plug and play installation
    • LEDs indicate power and network connection status
    • On-board power metering
    • Burnt bulb detection and alert
    • Mesh communication up to 200 feet between nodes
    • Unique IPv6 address
    • Open source OS for third-party integration
    • Real-time data uploaded to the Energy Dashboard
Part numberALC20
Product dimensions4 ⅛’’ (105mm) w,
or 5’’ (127mm) w w/ cap
2 ½’’ (64mm) h
1 ¼’’(32mm) d
ColorBlack, White, Red, Violet, Gray
MaterialEnclosure is Type 2, Plenum rated
Item package quantity1 unit
RangeUp to 200 feet
Dimming0-10V, 1-10V source or sink operation
Power meteringAccurate to within 5%
Temperature RangeFor 120V & 277V: -22°F (-30°C) to 130°F (+55°C)
For 347V: -22°F (-30°C) to 120°F (+50°C)
External OutputsOn-board button for manual control, ETL
OutputClass 2, 150mA @ 16vDC
CertificationsFCC, UL 508 and UL 2043
RelayRating NO and NC contacts 20A at 120/240VAC
Rating NO contact 16A at 277VAC
Rating 1/2HP at 120/240VAC
Isolated normally open and closed contacts

Amatis 5-year warranty:

All Amatis LED lighting products and controls come with a 5-year parts warranty, as well as labor per product up to a maximum of 50% of the material price for parts being replaced*. All parts are UL certified. Lamps are DLC certified, therefore eligible for utility incentives. We warrant that our products will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a 5-year period from the date of purchase. Defective products under warranty will be replaced with an equal or higher quality product.

*The Amatis Border Router (AMBR) connected to your affected device must have remained connected to the Amatis cloud via the Internet or cellular connection from the start of site commissioning to date of return request.

  • Non-connected systems are eligible for a 2-year limited warranty (730 days) from shipment date, with the same remaining criteria.
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What do the external lights mean on my ALC device?
LED Indicator Reference Table 
OFFNo power
(unless disabled)
Slow BlinkLooking for network
Fast BlinkIn pairing mode
SolidConnectred to AMBR (normal)
Where is a wiring diagram I can reference?
What is the difference between an Advanced Load Controller and a Smart LED Driver?

An Advanced Load Controller will generally be used when you’re installing new, dimmable LED fixtures or when you’re just looking to control dimmable LED fixtures.

The Smart LED Driver is used when you’re retrofitting, but not replacing, linear fluorescent fixtures. Choose this product when you have a flourescent fixtures and you want the lowest-cost, fully dimmable solution without replacing the fixture. Replace the fluorescent ballast with our smart driver, and the fluorescent tubes with Type C LED tubes.

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Connect with

Border Router

Retrofit fixtures with

Smart Driver

Motion, light, temperature, humidity with


One-touch control with

Battery or Wired Switches

Control and monitor with

Commissioning app + lighting dashboard

Enable smart fixtures with

Advanced Load Controller

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