Eva Gouin-Davis joins Amatis Controls team

Eva Gouin-Davis joins Amatis Controls team

Aspen team grows to support systems development and customer care

The Amatis Controls team welcomes Eva Gouin-Davis in a new Systems Development role. Eva joins Amatis after graduating from Michigan State University (MSU), degreed in human biology and nutritional science with a focus on health promotion. She’s a Detroit area transplant with a background in physical therapy and small business management.

She’s joining the team in Aspen, Colorado, where the majority of the Amatis engineering team resides, along with manufacturing. Eva’s spent time working with Starbucks in a management role, opening a few stores in Lansing and pioneering a store launch in Aspen. She’s excited to share and use the experiences and insights gained during her time there. For example, Eva created many of the systems still used at the Aspen store, from cash handling to scheduling, payroll, how staff received gratuities, customer service values/platform, training modules and locals discounts/loyalty program.

“We went the extra mile to make every customer, particularly our locals, feel cared for on an individual basis,” Eva said. “My training modules were heavily focused on the human connection aspect of the coffee business. We strove to exceed expectations surprise and delight our customers and go above and beyond. We did this for all things – help a customer to their car with a large order, open the door for a mom with twins in a stroller, maybe take their order at the handoff plane to spare them the drama of going through the very tight cash register line. I empowered my team to make these decisions in the moment without my permission, no matter the effect on the bottom line, because the long term response from the locals kept us afloat during slow seasons when we didn’t have tourists pouring in money. We had our key customers that we counted on, just like Amatis does, and we took care of them and went above and beyond so that they would take care of us.”

Updating and creating standard procedures is on the top of the to-do list for Eva. She’s digging into production and shipping processes to improve customer experiences and also evaluating the office manager role processes. “I am excited to bring some organization to all the brilliance Amatis has to offer the world,” Eva said. “My experience relates to Amatis because I’ve built a business and a team from the ground up. I’m eager to help get Amatis customer care in line with our goals: pour in the support you want to receive.”

The work environment is Eva’s favorite thing about working at Amatis.

“It is so refreshing to be around so many like-minded people working toward a common goal that everyone is equally excited about,” Eva said. “However, despite the hard work that is always in progress, no one is ever too busy to drop what they’re doing and lend a hand with someone else’s project.”

The Aspen office has already benefited from Eva’s passion for interior design. She recently did a renovation project to make the space more efficient and inspiring for visitors. 

Aspen workspace:


Interior design project:


Space renovation:


Working at Amatis is close to home for Eva – who joins the team alongside her brothers, Sebastien (CEO) and Christian (DevOps). “Many families strive to keep business and family separate to avoid conflict. My brothers have always been my harshest critics, literally since I was born. They’re honest with me to a fault and will never tell me I’m doing a good job if I’m not. Being invited into the fold was kind of a milestone for me… Family is held to the highest standard and anything less won’t be tolerated. We all know what the others are capable of and will push to get the results we know are possible.”

When Eva’s not at Amatis, she’s hiking, raising her 10-week-old golden retriever, crafting, building furniture and home accents, and spending time with family. 

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