Welcome Intern Akida

Welcome Intern Akida

Detroit-based summer intern translates building and energy codes for customers

The Amatis Controls team in Detroit welcomes Akida Yilamu in a Digital + Data Marketing internship role. Akida attends Wayne State University studying Marketing and Global Supply Chain. Prior to her role at Amatis Controls, she worked at Robert Bosch LLC which gave her a connection to our team. 

Akida’s summer project
This summer, Akida is spearheading the “Know your Code” project. Understanding energy and building codes is a difficult process, and Akida is working to make that easier for lighting controls customers. Focusing on Amatis expansion markets: Detroit, Chicago, New York and Ontario (Canada), Akida will deliver a website experience for customers to learn more about local code and how to be compliant. 

“Today, there isn’t a convenient place where you can get all the information on codes,” Akida said. “When our future customers view the page that I will be creating, it would help them understand the right regulation in their region. It would also show our care for the customer and we do things the right way.”

An emerging global marketer
She is a passionate individual who loves marketing, especially marketing from an international perspective. The reason behind her passion ties to her upbringing. She grew up in four different countries (East Turkestan, China, Japan and came to the United States her freshman year of high school), and she finds the different cultural perspective in marketing to be very interesting. 

She said, “A marketing campaign could be totally appropriate in one country, but if you advertise the same campaign to a different culture, it could send a totally different message.” 

Akida admires Apple when it comes to marketing strategy: “They are always one step ahead of the rest; they know what the customer wants before the customers even realize that they need it. They have a way of making the customer choose their product without a strong reasoning behind it.”

Akida’s first impression of Amatis?
“I’m surprised to see how dedicated and motivated everyone is,” she said. “I love the culture of Amatis… It’s uplifting and hardworking. Everyone is determined to do the best on every project and take responsibility for what they do, which is motivating me to do the best I can and contribute to the team.”

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