Cedric Kennedy joins Amatis Controls team

Cedric Kennedy joins Amatis Controls team

Detroit commercial team grows to support lighting controls channel partners

The Amatis Controls team welcomes Cedric Kennedy in a new Business Developer role. Cedric joins Amatis after graduating from Michigan Tech University (MTU), degreed in business management and psychology.

He’s joining the expanding Detroit team, currently coworking among other emerging companies at Bamboo Detroit. The commercial team based here is bringing wireless lighting controls to markets including Detroit, Chicago, Ontario, and New York, with more to come. Cedric chose Detroit because he’s a passionate Michigander with roots in both peninsulas and wants to be a part of Detroit’s economic recovery.

The Amatis team especially like Cedric’s entrepreneurial spirit, his natural ability to build relationships, his sales chops, and his motivations — to grow as an entrepreneur, friend, husband, and person. Cedric aims to be an example for others that struggled as a kid and show them that anything is possible.

In his previous role as Engagement Office at MTU, Cedric led the university’s emerging philanthropist and recent graduate engagement efforts. He made an impact daily by connecting with passionate and philanthropic alumni who donated their time and money to the future of the school and its students.

Cedric is also the Founder of Makerhub, a decentralized 3D printing platform that connects those in need of 3D printed parts to local 3D printers capable of fulfilling orders based on customer-specific demands. The company has more than 600 printers across North America ready to print, with access to over 200 million people within 10 miles of a printer.

Cedric had a goal of finding a company that is at a scaling point and to make an impact on it. He believes in a sustainable future and the energy savings provided by LED lighting and Amatis wireless lighting controls.

“In a world where the makeup of our environment is a growing concern, if I can help Amatis succeed, then perhaps we could leave behind our own little green footsteps for others to follow,” Cedric said.

When Cedric’s not helping buildings save energy with lighting controls, he enjoys running, playing with his dogs, and anything entrepreneurial. He also plays club baseball and hopes a Detroit Tigers scout will discover him.

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