Level 1 Basics Training

Announcing: Level 1 Basics Training is live

Launching this training is a milestone for the Amatis team. We’ve been out visiting contractors for several months, introducing our wireless lighting controls system with a mix of slides and passing around our devices, or with live demonstrations at the Detroit Electrical Industry Training Center (EITC) in Warren, Michigan. At this site, our controls are in the cafeteria, classroom, hallway and tech lab locations, with plans to expand.

This training is our first course and introduces you to the basics of the Amatis lighting controls system, devices and project examples, like EITC.

We hope the training can convey: why lighting controls? For building owners, lighting controls have a strong return on investment, they save energy, and they make tenants happy. Lighting is a necessity and one of the largest energy consumers in a building. We believe it can also be affordable, flexible, energy-saving and simple to use.

Our technology is new to many, going from wired to wireless. We’re introducing an Internet of Things system that is best taught with visuals, so we’re working on visuals that help imagine our wireless communication protocol, 6LoWireless.

Stu, our Technical Sales Manager, is one of a kind. Not only is he friendly and personable, but he is an engineer with technical chops and a strong understanding of mechanical and electrical technology. We learned he’s also talented at training voiceover, too.

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