Wireless smarts for any light fixture

Amatis universal wireless control devices can be installed on a wide variety of LED light fixtures enabling instant wireless dimming and controls.


ALC - Advanced Load Controller

The Amatis ALC is a power load controller designed to control individual fixtures or entire branches of lighting loads and more. ALC includes a relay to switch drivers and circuits, along with a 0-10V output for smooth dimming profiles. An auxiliary output is available for the Amatis Sensor-ML2 with PIR occupancy/vacancy sensing and photometric daylight sensors for automatic dimming.

ALC also includes power metering components to track the energy consumption of individual light fixtures or entire circuits. Advanced energy metering software also helps detect potential problems such as failed drivers or faulty fixtures.

DC-DIM - Low Voltage PWM and 0-10V Controller

The Amatis DC-DIM controller is designed to work with low voltage DC LED light fixtures with PWM constant voltage or 0-10V dimming control. DC-DIM transmits performance data for system-wide monitoring, troubleshooting, and energy metering, accessible directly from the Amatis web-based Energy Dashboard.