Amatis products make buildings smarter and more efficient—never sacrificing security for convenience.

The 6LoWireless mesh network is a robust communication system used by all Amatis Controls devices to communicate commands and data across the network.  Each device is in constant communication with other devices in the network, thereby eliminating range limitation, creating a system that is fault-tolerant should one of the devices lose communication and allows for a system that acts cohesively across zones.

The Amatis Border Router (AMBR) communicates with other devices in the network via 6LoWireless communication and then sends the data to the internet using ethernet or cellular connections.  This aggregated data is available through the Amatis Energy Dashboard.  AMBR also uses this internet connection for our device commissioning app.

The Amatis communication system is built on IPv6 protocol standards; the language of the Internet.  This allows us to protect all of the data with the same 128-bit encryption used by banks, e-commerce and other secured websites.   As security protocols for the entire Internet are updated, so are ours. This means all of your data is not just secure today, but always.