About Us

Founded in 2011, Amatis Controls pioneered low power IPv6 mesh networks for indoor connectivity. Seven years of continuous development has yielded the world’s most secure, most robust, mesh network platform for the Building Internet of Things, which we call 6LoWireless. Together with our partners, Amatis’ technology sits in tens of thousands of products, securely connected to the internet, with more being installed every day.

Products and Partners

At Amatis our core product is a high performance, competitively-priced wireless lighting controls system that is recognized as exceptional by industry peers. We also work with partners, for whom we leverage the key technologies developed and perfected in Amatis products to enable them to connect their products, grow their revenue, and expand their market share through connectivity to the IoT.

Our Values

We solve complex problems with simple, cost-effective solutions. Our team is smart, nimble, hard-working, decisive, and ethical. We do right for ourselves by doing right by our team, our shareholders, our customers, and our partners.